Océ CS 620


Photoconductor : OPC
Luminous source: Xenon lamp
Copying system: Laser electrostatic transfer method
Developing system :Dry-type dual-component reverse magnetic brush developing
Fusing system: Belt fixed
Density adjustment Copy density: automatic and manual (9 levels)
Background adjustment: manual (9 levels)
Magnification ratios: Full size: e 1.000 ± 1.0% or less
Enlargement (Fixed zoom): e 1.154, e 1.224, e 1.414,
e 2.000
Reduction (Fixed zoom): e 0.500, e 0.866, e 0.816,
e 0.707
Zoom with constant X and Y ratio: e 0.250 to 4.000 (in
0.001 increments)
Independent zoom: vertical e 0.250 to 4.000 (in 0.001 increments),
horizontal e 0.250 to 4.000 (in 0.001 increments)
User-set zoom ratio: 3
Scanning resolution 600 dpi e 600 dpi
Printing resolution 600 dpi e 600 dpi (1,800 dpi: when selecting printer
smoothing function)
Gradation/color 256 (8 bits) / C, M, Y, K
Paper types Main body trays (tray1 to 3): 64 g/m2 to 209 g/m2, 64 g/m2
to 256 g/m2 (A4/8.5"e11" or larger)
Bypass tray: 64 g/m2 to 300 g/m2 (simplex mode),
64 g/m2 to 256 g/m2 (duplex mode)
envelopes, labels, tab paper, coated paper
Copy speed 65 sheets/min. (A4 v), 36 sheets/min. (A3 w), 41
sheets/min. (B4 w), 50 sheets/min. (A4 w), 56 sheets/min.
(B5 w), 66 sheets/min. (B5 v)
Multiple copies/sets: 1 to 9,999 copies/1 to 9,999 sets
Memory 256 MB per each color (C, M, Y

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